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About Sapphire Capital Group

At Sapphire Capital Group (SCG), we provide financial solutions and services from East Meadow, NY, to support businesses across the U.S. and help them grow. Decarlos Frazier founded our Nassau County-based financing company to make the lending process simple.

We’ve streamlined an automated approval process to give our clients a response as soon as possible. When you apply, you should receive a response within two to six hours. Once you’ve applied for a loan through us, we get your funding to you within days, so you can get started on your next business venture right away.

While offering business financing, we personalize the experience for each of our clients. We focus on forming a long-term relationship with every company we partner with. As we work to understand your financial needs and find a lending solution that works for you, we’ll guide you throughout the process. As we develop our professional relationship, we aim to give you better terms and rates.

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How We Can Help Your Business

SCG has experience working with businesses across many industries. Perhaps you’re a retailer or you own a construction company. Both of these come with their own set of distinctive financial needs.

Regardless of your list of unique requirements, SCG tailors lending solutions to every company. Our flexible solutions consider your monthly payment capabilities and which loan types best align with your goals.

With our connection to over 90 private lenders, we can find a merchant with the most favorable programs for your intentions. To make the process even smoother, we don’t ask for financial paperwork or collateral to back your loan.

We’ve made the lending process possible for younger companies with lower credit scores by reevaluating the approval process. We look at bank statements and other aspects of your business to determine your loan compatibility. Our approval process caters to enterprises that need money fast.

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Work With Sapphire Capital Group for Business Financing Solutions

Sapphire Capital Group offers a range of financing opportunities. Count on us for:

When you work with us, we help you focus on what matters. Rather than concentrating on finances, we give you the resources to focus your time and energy on developing your company.

Sapphire Capital Group is dedicated to helping individuals grow their business by getting them more capital in a way that works for them. With a variety of financing types and a proud team of trained and informed customer service agents, we can give you the best lending experience possible. With the right lending programs and loan arrangements, you can purchase new equipment, upgrade your technology, expand your store locations and hire dedicated employees.

Benefits of Funding Your Business With Sapphire Capital Group

When you’re dealing with your business’s capital, choosing an advisor that understands your goals and provides reliable services is paramount. At Sapphire Capital Group, we pride ourselves on equipping our clients with loans and leasing options they can handle. Our services are flexible, so as your financial needs change, our approaches will change.

One of the main advantages that we offer is our dedication to fast turnaround times. When you apply for a loan through us, you’ll hear back in a short amount of time, so you can get started on your next business move quickly. We work with private lenders who focus on sales and business activity rather than credit score, so even if your credit score isn’t as high as it could be, you’ll still have the opportunity to acquire a loan.

SCG is connected to a network of more than 90 lenders, which will improve your odds of finding a good match. Our services can be exceedingly beneficial to small businesses that lack financial expertise and have a hard time getting loans from the bank.

The most significant benefit we offer is our dedication to the clients. We’ll be by your side every step of the way — even after we close on a deal. If you have a hard time finding reasonable rates at the beginning of our partnership, we can help you discover the best quotes possible, continuing to help even as your business expands.

Whether you’re looking for fast short-term lending or long-term financing solutions that cater to your business’s unique needs, rely on SCG. Browse our loans and lending types to see what appeals to you, and if you’re interested in our services, request a free quote!

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