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Business leasing is common and advantageous for all types of businesses. According to the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation, in 2015, 78% of surveyed buyers in the United States used financing options like leases to make equipment and software purchases for their businesses. Leasing provides the flexibility and upfront capital you need for purchasing equipment to help your company grow.

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Equipment Leasing Works for Your Business and With Your Budget

Equipment leasing with Sapphire Capital Group offers quick short-term financing solutions. Whether you need machinery, vehicles, software or another necessary piece of equipment, we can make your vital purchase possible and give you peace of mind about your payment schedule. We offer affordable monthly payments and a few different term length options to select from.

The way our unsecured loan system works is simple. Just provide our sales team with your bank statements and any other necessary information about your business. Our equipment lease application typically takes only a few minutes to complete, and you won’t have to put down collateral or fill out stacks of financial paperwork. We are happy to work with a range of credit scores, with the caveat that different lenders may have specific requirements.

One of the advantages of working with Sapphire Capital Group is our fast and fair application processing technology. Once we receive your application, it goes through our automated approval software. This automated evaluation can give you an answer about your approval within two to six hours. If you receive approval, we’ll be able to get the funds to you within days of your application.

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Benefits of Quick Business Equipment Leasing Solutions

Equipment leasing solutions provide numerous advantages for your business:

  • Quick approval turnaround: If you apply for a loan from the bank, you’ll likely go through a lengthy process. It could be a while before you receive approval and get your funds. With quick business equipment leasing services that work with a network of private lenders, you can receive approval much more quickly.
  • Less emphasis on credit: Though you need reasonable credit to apply successfully for business equipment leasing, your terms will be based partly on your sales. This distinction means you can receive the financial support you need even if your business doesn’t have perfect credit.
  • Continually improving rates and terms: When you apply for a loan from the bank, you’ll likely receive a fixed rate that lasts for as long as you have the lease. When you develop a relationship with an equipment leasing solutions provider, your rate will likely decrease over time as your relationship develops and you demonstrate your trustworthiness in making payments on time.
  • More freedom to invest in your business: If lack of capital means you’ve been unable to give your company the equipment it needs for success, business equipment leasing can help make that equipment purchase a reality. Instead of scrimping, budgeting and putting off other essential purchases, you’ll be free to put funds toward equipment acquisition to grow your business.

Fast and flexible equipment leasing and Financing solutions from sapphire capital group

Believing in your business means making smart decisions to ensure its successful future. To obtain the funds necessary to purchase equipment for your company and help it thrive, make Sapphire Capital Group your one-stop shop for solutions. We can get you the cash you need fast — that way, you can put it right into an equipment purchase that will boost your company’s productivity and profitability.

When you use business equipment leasing solutions to get cash for equipment purchases, the process will be quick, easy and personalized. Sapphire Capital Group wants to take the time to understand your goals for your business and develop a lasting partnership that will grow as your company does.

Our connection to an extensive network of private lenders means we can help you find the lending partner that best fits your needs. Our credit and rate flexibility also means you’ll find terms that make sense for your business at this point in its growth.

Apply now for a business equipment lease, or contact us to learn more about getting up to $250,000 to lease equipment today.

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