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Plumbing and Electrical Company Business Loans

Proper capital management is essential to the success of your small business. Sapphire Capital Group offers electrical and plumbing business financing to supplement your company’s resources.

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Why Plumbing and Electrical Companies Need Financing

Sometimes your business’s best opportunities rely on your ability to fund a project fast.

When a lucrative project comes across your desk, you need the funds to order supplies, source equipment and pay your employees. Plumbing and electrical companies often install fixtures with high initial costs. How does your business afford those expensive elements before collecting payment?

Sapphire Capital Group’s business loans for plumbing companies and electricians can help you offset the cost of supplies, equipment and other expenses.

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Types of Loans

At Sapphire Capital Group, our small business financing solutions help you make your profits stretch and compensate for months where your income is less than expected.

Every company is different. That’s why Sapphire Capital Group offers various business loans for electrical companies and plumbers. If you need a loan, consider the options available to you. SCG recommends our small business loans, equipment leasing, commercial financing and business cash advances. Choose the option that fits your business’s needs.

Small Business Loans

Small business loans provide income intended to help you run and expand your enterprise. These supplemental funds can go toward new equipment, day-to-day expenses and costs associated with relocating or opening new locations. You can even use these loans to hire more employees, which lets you complete more projects and increase your earning potential.

Equipment Leasing

Do you need new equipment to take on more projects or complete a specific job? Equipment leasing helps you afford the tools, vehicles or software you need to complete your projects. Pay off the loan with low lease payments over a term length that meets your company’s needs.

Our equipment leasing services are highly efficient. When you apply for these loans, you’ll receive an immediate decision, and your funds can be available within days.

Commercial Financing

When you want to expand or update your capabilities, sourcing financing for your electric company or plumbing business can sometimes be tedious. At SCG, however, the application process for commercial financing solutions is simple and efficient. Use this capital to fund projects and purchases that contribute to your small business’s growth.

Business Cash Advances

When your company needs a sizeable amount of extra cash, you want to have access to it quickly. A business or merchant cash advance is different from a loan in how you borrow and pay back the advance. Instead of making set payments, SCG buys part of your credit card income, so we receive a percentage of that income. You’ve repaid your advance once we receive the amount of money you borrowed.

Flexible advances are low-risk and benefit small businesses that may not have an ideal credit score yet. These qualities make business cash advances our most popular service.

Contact Sapphire Capital Group for Business Financing

At SCG, we solve our clients’ business financing needs. The advantages of working with us include fast approvals and flexible financing based on your company’s sales, not your credit. As we build a relationship with your business, you’ll experience even more benefits. We have connections with more than 90 lenders, so we strive to find the best rate and terms for you.

Contact Sapphire Capital Group online for more information. When you’re ready, you can apply for a business loan that makes expanding your plumbing or electrical company possible.

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